Morgeez Audio Production and Voiceover Company

Commercial audio production focusing on radio spots, production music, jingles and soundtracks for movies and films

What we offer

Full service audio production Facilitation.

Music Production

Morgeez Music Production Centre are here to make this whole process easy and enjoyable by you, our client. We have the talent and expertise to assist you from the music creation, arrangements, vocals recording, mixing and mastering
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Radio Ads Production

Radio spots production is taken care of. The entire process from pre to post production including voiceover talents booking, translation services, creative team inclusive of producer, recording engineer and studios.
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Localization and Translation

African Languages voiceover talents, translators, localization services and creatives

Continental Production Facilitation

Morgeez Production is about the only production house around capable of moving around the African Continent to facilitate any audio recording, translation, voiceover talents scouting and more. We move to any country and get things originally done to produce quality and authentic audio works.
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We are ready anytime

We are ever ready to provide you with professional advise on full service commercial audio production facilitation anywhere on the African continent.

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