Morgeez is locally rooted and operate locally wishing the Pan African region with pride and mots of all with industry knowledge more than any competition. Our Pan African languages translation services are tailored made to suit any market on the continent. Our language translators are competent and qualified professionals from original language regions hence all our translations are as authentic as it should be.

PAN African Voiceovers

As a Pan African voiceover agency, all Pan African translations projects are handle with utmost diligence and language authenticity by appointing the exact voiceover talent of original to deliver indgeneous countries voiceover projects.

Local Copywriters

To avoid any language distortions, Morgeez uses local and qualified copywriters on all our Pan African audio projects. The idea is to get your audience fully engaged and attracted to the message you are conveying with originality.
  • Voice over and dubbing
  • Subtitling and captioning
  • Transcription
  • Pan African Languages Translation
  • Scripts Adaptation and Correction