Talent Application Form

Apply for a Voiceover and African Languages Translator jobs now! Fill application form to create to submit your professional portfolio. We accept voiceover talents and translators from all African Languages including swahili, yoruba, ndebele, amharic, zulu, igbo, hausa, fulah, kikuyu, twi, ga, french, portuguese, luganda, shona, lingala, kicongo, tshiluba, oromo, afrikaans, wolof, pidgin english, ndebele, xhosa, pedi, sotho, tswana, swazi, venda, and Tsonga Please note that we reserve the right to delete incomplete and un professional profiles.
  • Submit clear and only formal photographs, one head and shoulder shot, one mid shot and one full length shot.
  • Upload your audio clips in .mp3 format.
  • Upload minimum of 3 audio clips in a .zip folder.
  • Narration audio clips should not be more than 60secs
  • E-Learming audio clips should not be more than 60secs.
  • Commercial audio clips should be of 30secs each or shorter.
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